Personal Finance Class

Using Time Wisely

These are three things that if done can save you a lot of time.
Goal setting can help you to complete an objective, and also help you to focus your time on things of importance. There are short term, intermediate, and long term goals. Yet whichever one you do you must first specify the goal, make sure it is attainable ,divide it into steps, create a schedule for it, and then see if there are any obstacles to overcome.
Budgeting time is just as important. If you don’t do this, goals that need to be accomplished might not be done. Some traps that eat up your time are, trying to do too many activities, sleeping less to try and finish something, giving up when a setback occurs, and over budgeting your day. One other thing is to spend about 30 minutes a day to plan out your activities.
Keeping a calendar goes hand in hand with budgeting time. Whatever paper calendar or application you use, the crucial thing is that you use one. Making different sections in your calendar for different parts of your life is important. Also, if you don’t add events or look at your calendar it serves no purpose. Setting a completion date and reminding yourself about it will keep you in check.

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