English Class: Autobiographies

Kourdakov’s Contrasting Narrative

Kourdakov employed many literary techniques, such as using contrasts, to make his autobiography more interesting. There was one contrast that was very striking. When he tells of his encounter with the Communist Party officials in his area, it shocked him to see what they really were like. Instead of being the officials who had their beliefs firmly rooted in Communism, they were a pitiful bunch. In their own private dinning room they had a lot of expensive food. But the thing that struck Kourdakov was that most of them were drunk. Could these really be the high ranking officials he had admired for so long? As if that had not been enough, an official who was partially drunk  came up to him and told Kourdakov how he detested Stalin, Brezhnev, and Communism. He used the technique os contrasting the officials’ public lives and their private lives. From a life that was admired and sought after to one that was only in it for the money. Kourdakov used this to captivate the reader.

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