English Class: Autobiographies

Sergei Kourdakov’s Autobiography

Sergei Kourdakov’s family background was centered on loyalty to the government. His grandfather and father both served their government. His grandfather was put in a concentration camp(where he died) because he opposed the new government. His father was killed when a new ruler wanted to get rid of the people who were loyal to the old government. Because his mother died from shock of what happened, he was eventually put in Number One. This was a home for children who either had no parents or their parents were determined by the sate as unfit to raise children  As he grew older he and a few of his friends moved to another home, called V-I. Along with other boys, they ran a reign off terror in the village. It was because no one in the home cared for them, all that the care takers did were to make their life miserable. The situation there grew so bad that the boys had to be dispersed. To Kourdakov’s surprise he meet one of his friends from Number One at their new home, Barysevo. As Kourdakov grew older he became more interested in communism. His Communist school director offered him the opportunity to teach the Youth League of Barysevo. This was the beginning of his Communist career. During this time his friends started to sell items on the black market. The easy money lured Kourdakov into it until one day he was almost killed by somebody who wanted the drugs he was carrying. He survived, but realized that he had to choose between Communism and the black market. From then on he devoted himself to excelling in Communism.

Sergei Kourdakov
Sergei Kourdakov (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kourdakov threw himself into his studies. All that mattered was to go ahead. All his friends from the home had gone their way into crime, and some met with terrible consequences. Once he graduated, Kourdakov decided that he would join the Naval Academy. At the Academy Kourdakov was once again asked to teach the Communist Youth League. This time he was teaching 1200 cadets. Even though he was very busy, he was at the top of the class. Because of his good record the secret police decided to recruit him. Kourdakov did not resist once he heard of the large amount of money he would get paid. The job at first was for him and some other men to break up brawls, bring in criminals, and the like. But this was not their main mission. The mission was to exterminate Christians. Their first assignment was a disaster. They had not followed their superior’s command to ruff up the Christians, instead they gently arrested the two leaders. Their superior was infuriated! After giving them a hard lecture in how dangerous these Christians were he sent them back to breaking up fights. Their superior carefully integrated some Christian raids in between their normal ones. Finally the men, including Kourdakov, learned how to be brutal to the Christians.

Earlier in the year of 1970 Kourdakov was invited to a Communist party convention. He was praised for his wonderful work with the Youth League. But before he had time to enjoy this praise, the party leader for the area invited him into the top party leader’s private banquet. He was shocked to see that most of the leaders were either drunk or quickly getting themselves in that state. The leader who had invited him in, while partially drunk, started to tell Kourdakov how he detested Stalin, Brezhnev, and Communism. Kourdakov realized that these leaders did not believe Communism, they were just in it for the money. From then on Kourdakov decided he would excel in Communism, but only for his own personal gain. As Kourdakov continued his raids he and his men came across a Christian girl, named Natasha, whom they hurt. They went out on another raid and there she was again. This time Kourdakov hurt her very much, and he though he would never she Natasha at a Christian meeting again. But he was wrong. At a third raid they say her once more.  She escaped him only because one off Kourdakov’s men said to leave her alone. This did not make sense to Kourdakov. Why would this girl go through so much just to be Christian? He did not understand. A little while later he was burning some of the handwritten material they confiscated from the Christians. He saw a piece of Luke 11 and thought he would read it. Once he read it he was stunned. This was not anti-state material. What he was reading was about being a better person. His life just turned upside down. He was so confused and ill at ease that he now was even more brutal to the Christians then before. At one raid he was about to hit an old woman because he was praying for him. But before he could do it someone grab his wrist until it hurt. He turned around to see who had done it, but there was nobody behind him. He then ran out, embarrassed, crying, and bewildered. When he finally arrived at the police station his superior was mad at what happened. But when Kourdakov said he was going to quit, the superior calmly said to go and get some rest. Kourdakov had lost all faith in Communism and in himself. All he wanted to do was to flee Russia. But the KGB wanted to send him to a police academy. Because he refused they sent him out to sea as a radio officer to think about his decision. To find out how it ended for Kourdakov I recommend that you read his autobiography “The Persecutor” (“Forgive Me, Natasha.”)

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  1. Wow! Great essay! Your wording and structure is very good. I enjoyed reading it. His autobiography was very powerful.

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