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Restitution, Or The Prison?

When a criminal commits a crime he is usually sent to prison to make him pay his debt to society. But in prison he will not pay any debt to anyone. The criminals are sent to prison where they will receive free room & board and medical care, and while they are there, they learn more criminal tricks. The taxpayers, including the victim, will have to pay taxes to support these criminals. Also, when other criminals hear that the punishment for their crime is just jail time, they will feel more free to do whatever they want. The way it should be is that when a criminal does something wrong he should make restitution to the victims for whatever he did. That way the victim will be recompensed by the criminal. Taxpayers will not have to pay to take care of the criminals. Other criminals who want to get something the easy way will learn that they could have gotten the item much quicker if they had worked for it. Repaying the victim four times as much, as the Bible instructs us, would teach other criminals that the crime is not worth it. In the end, society is much better off if the criminal makes restitution to the victim.

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