Personal Finance Class

Entrepreneurial High Schoolers

Most high school students today do not develop entrepreneurial skills even though there are many opportunities to do so. Learning to be an entrepreneur can be very useful to high school students in their career. They would also obtain knowledge on how to use their resources, communicating with others, and work skills. One of the many small achievable businesses could be a yard care/gardener. Many people have yards that they would like to look nice, but do not have the time or energy to do it themselves, so they hire a gardener. The job could consist of weeding, organizing, planting, cleaning, watering, etc. There could be work year round for someone who worked hard and provided useful services. Because a high school student would probably be more flexible for each customer and might offer his services at a more reasonable price, the customer could be more inclined to hire him instead of a professional company. As an entrepreneur, the student would need to get the word out about his business. This could be done through an add in the local paper, by word of mouth or by handing out flyers. Whatever way it is done the student has to use all his skill to attract customers. The tools required for starting a yard cleaning business are not very numerous. You would need a shovel, broom, rake, dust pan, and, depending upon the customer, you might find it necessary to purchase something else. Whatever business one decides to start it is always important to determine the costs. Some costs could be transportation, cost of equipment, advertisement, etc. Before you start on any endeavor you must always make sure you will be able to sustain your business. Because a business is a long term project, instead of just a summer job, one must realize the responsibility that goes along with any business. The rewards of starting your own business will not only be in the form of money but also in gaining entrepreneurial skills that will last a lifetime.

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