English Class: Autobiographies

Booker T. Washington’s Vision For The Future

Booker T. Washington had a vision for the future. He believed that if everyone would work hard in a certain field, do their ultimate best, and always persevere there would be no racial discrimination. People do not normally ask if an item was made by a black or asian or any other ethnicity.  What they care about is the product, if it is of good quality. Washington wanted the blacks to do such good work that if someone needed a plumber and they had to choose between a black and a white, they would choose whichever one did the best work. If the black did the best work, Washington believed that his color would not get in the way of obtaining the job. Washington said that if the blacks would follow his advice they would be socially accepted. By becoming such a vital role in the community as businessmen or workers blacks would be accepted by everyone because of there usefulness. Booker T. Washington’s belief was a very important one not only for blacks but for everyone who wanted to succeed.

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