Government Class

True Freedoms

On January 6, 1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech, and in that speech he outlined four freedoms that everyone in the world should have. The freedom of speech, the freedom of worship, the freedom from want and the freedom from fear.

The first two freedoms are among the God given rights mentioned in the Bible, therefore they are true freedoms.

The second two freedoms, however, are not God given rights and people should not expect freedom from them. Freedom is not to be free from something, rather freedom is the ability to exercise one’s right. Looking at each of these two freedoms individually we can observe in greater detail how they are not true freedoms.

The freedom from want can also be called the right to an adequate standard of living. Who is going to determine what an adequate standard of living is? How will every one be satisfied? If we really think about it no one can truly satisfy everyone’s want and thus people cannot be free from it. Also, you just cannot satisfy some people without taking from others and in turn causing them to want.

For the freedom from fear to be exercised people’s weapons would have to be taken away. When this is done you infringe on the people’s God given right to defend themselves and what is theirs. To satisfy one person’s freedom from fear you would need to subject others to the same fear you are trying to suppress. For example if you take away someone’s ability to defend themselves and what is theirs’ they will start to be afraid.

Because the freedoms from want and from fear contradict other true freedoms we can know that they are not real freedoms.


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