Government Class

Decreasing Morality

Is there a difference between state-subsidized churches and state-subsidized schools? If the government subsidized churches most would say that is wrong. When a church is subsidized it makes people pay for a religion they might not believe in. If the government subsidizes the churches it can tell the churches what they can or cannot say. This causes a great decline in morality because the government undermines the churches teachings. The government would mandate the church’s to support abortion, homosexuality, etc., when they otherwise wouldn’t. 

The same problem occurs with subsidized schools. Schools teach material that is not neutral. For example Evolution is a religion, not a fact, thus the school is not neutral. The public school’s english, history and other subjects are also biased and not neutral. Because of this, people who are taxed to subsidize the schools will have to pay for a school that they do not think worthy to send children to.

Obviously churches and even schools are not neutral and there is no difference between state-subsidized churches and state-subsidized schools. Because of that, people will have to pay for institutions that they do not believe in or support. When the government engages in the politics of plunder to subsidize churches or schools morality decreases rapidly.

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