English Class: Western Literature

Utopia: More’s Satire

By writing Utopia, which had ideas that were not in accord with the Catholic Church, was Thomas More putting his life in peril? This hardly seems likely for may reasons. As a work of satire, More did not believe most of what he wrote, he was simply writing the book to show how absurd the renaissance ideas were. No one would have taken the ideas from Utopia… Continue reading Utopia: More’s Satire

Business Class

Technology, The Undoing Of Our Civilization

Considering the changes that are taking place in our economy and workplace, the future looks bleak compared to past generations. Technology has greatly impacted our lives and jobs, and with the coming of robots and other such technology we can expect the change to continue. One way you can assure your employment fifteen years from now… Continue reading Technology, The Undoing Of Our Civilization