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An Appeal To The Customer

There is one important task that a salesman must do in order to be successful. Harry Browne writes about this in his book, “The Secret Of Selling Anything.”The most important task is to serve the customer. Browne believes that a salesman need not be an extrovert or a “smooth talker” neither does it help to be pushy, tenacious, enthusiastic, or aggressive. In fact, he says that those traits are actually a detriment to the salesman. Briefly said, Browne suggests to start by finding out what the customer wants and then to help him accomplish this. He offers more tips but this is the key point: “The one rule that sums up the job to be done – the one formula that is fully in harmony with the real world – the secrets of success is: Find out what people want and help them get it!”

But why is this the #1 rule according to Browne? Quite simply, it is because the customer is the one who is seeking to buy the product. He is the one who has the money and therefore is the person the salesman must satisfy. He has great authority as a customer, and to be an effective salesman, you must appeal to the customer.


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