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Don’t Touch My Garage Sales!

Government intervention is praised in many circles as a way to better society. If you take the example of garage/yard sales it could be said that the government would make these garage sales better. But when we look more closely into the matter we find a different story. Garage sales offer an outlet for people with a low income to find affordable items. They can find anything from clothes to furniture, electronics to household items, all for a fraction of the retail price. If the government would intervene into the garage sale economy, things would be much different. First of all, the prices would go up significantly if the government would intervene, tax, inspect, and regulate the garage sales. This would not help the customer, and it would greatly hurt the poorer people. The other option is that the government institutes a price ceiling, trying to make the already affordable prices more affordable. This would obviously not work because the sellers would find it increasingly difficult to function (if not impossible) and there would be a decrease in garage sales. When the prices are normally low attempting to lower them more is simply absurd. Clearly government intervention will not help the customer.

This hypothetical situation may seem ridiculous, but it is an example of how the government completely ruins the economy and the people by their destructive intervention. Only when individuals are allowed to live their lives in peace, without government intervention, can a society truly flourish

3 thoughts on “Don’t Touch My Garage Sales!

  1. That title grabbed me! Your essay is so true! Nice job 🙂
    I like your blog too! Where was the header image taken? It looks very similar to an area close to where I live…

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