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Technology, The Undoing Of Our Civilization

Considering the changes that are taking place in our economy and workplace, the future looks bleak compared to past generations. Technology has greatly impacted our lives and jobs, and with the coming of robots and other such technology we can expect the change to continue. One way you can assure your employment fifteen years from now is to operate a business. As a businessman you are your own employer and therefore you’re not at the mercy of a boss who could replace you with robots.
Photo Credit: Photos for Class
Photo Credit: Photos for Class

However, you will still have to navigate the economy and learn to survive the competition of other businesses. Also, being a businessman is not for everyone, and even with a business you are not guaranteed employment. Therefore having a business is not always
the best route for everyone. Sadly, there are not many options for securing a job in our economy. Nevertheless, if you excel in every job you do and if you are dedicated, you have a higher advantage than if you weren’t.

One lesson we must take away is that technology is not as ‘good’ as we are made to believe. Some technology is indeed useful, but there must be a stop to it, or instead of us using technology, technology will use us. We live and use it now because we cannot easily function in our modern society without it, however I believe that a life full of so many gadgets does not bring a truly content, happy, and peaceful life.

3 thoughts on “Technology, The Undoing Of Our Civilization

  1. I agree with you about robots helping us do our job, like simple tasks that they can do. for example: having a robot bring a shelf to you instead of you walking all over the place in order to find what you are looking for.

  2. I believe that technology has been a great changer of our society, but if you are able to really see you will notice that it has been man, not technology. Man invented technology, and if technology ever controls man it will be man’s choice. Technology will never have a consciousness of its own for that will take the addition of a soul and spirit, which only God gives.

    I believe that we must take benefit of the technology we have around. Even though technology could mean man controlling man a lot easier, with God there are no impossibilities. I would say having dominion over oneself would prevent the addiction of technology.

    Nice essay!

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