English Class: Western Literature

Montaigne’s Essays

After reading a few sections of Michel de Montaigne’s Essays I cannot say that I would read any more. He developed the essay, influenced other prominent people, wrote many famous aphorisms and was a supporter of religious toleration. Essays such as “Of Cannibals” have impacted society and literature since their publication. He was indeed a renowned man.

Michel de Montaigne  Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Michel de Montaigne, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

However, his long sentences, complicated paragraphs, and his sometimes conflicting ideas make it difficult to read. Some parts are interesting, but overall I found the sections I read hard to follow. This does not mean that his writings should not be read or appreciated, it’s just that I personally am not interested in them. Like with most every other writing, enjoyment usually comes from the interest in the subject. The difficult language and style can be overlooked if the reader wishes to know more about the topic.

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