Western Civilization Class

The Spanish Decline

From the late 1500s to the 1600s Spain was on a road to decline. There were several factors that lead to the deterioration of this once mighty and powerful nation.  Although Spain had been a wealthy nation its economy was not free at all. There were monopolies and favorites of the state, which stifled the economy. Many plagues left Spain with a greatly reduced population. The expulsion of the Moriscos also reduced the Spanish work force and production. The many wars that Spain engaged in helped to depleted its treasury and resources. On top of that, the extravagance of the royalty squandered Spain’s money. After so many injustices, including high taxation, were forced upon the Spanish people revolts broke out. The Catalan Revolt was one such revolt. These revolts devastated the crumbling Spain. In the end the real reason Spain declined as a major power in Europe was because of its tyrannical rule. Most of the factors that brought Spain down can be traced to oppressive rule of the people.

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