Western Civilization Class

The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes

When King Louis XIV Of France revoked the Edict of Nantes on October 22, 1685 the devastation and turmoil that followed was extremely tragic. Because Louis XIV believed that there were hardly any more Huguenots, having either left the country or converted to Catholicism, he saw no reason to keep the Edict of Nantes in effect. He therefore revoked the few religious liberties the Huguenots had enjoyed.

The Huguenot Cross, Photo Credit: Wikipedia
The Huguenot Cross, Photo Credit: Wikipedia
However there had been trouble for the Huguenots even before the Edict was revoked. They were forced to house French soldiers who were allowed to rob, beat, or rape the Huguenots.  In fact, there was a message sent out before Louis XIV declared the Edict null and void which basically told the Huguenots that what they would experience in France, if they remained Protestant, would make everything they had previously gone through look like nothing.  Before as well as after the Edict was revoked hundreds of thousands of French Huguenots left their home to escape the persecution that was coming upon them. Those who stayed behind endured such horrible atrocities. Along with the Protestant religion being banned, the Huguenots were tortured, murdered, raped, pillaged and devastated. No matter what justification Louis XIV gave for persecuting the Huguenots there can be no rational for persecuting anyone simply because they do not agree with you.

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