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Indoctrination, The Government’s Education

When we hear of schools being supported by government taxes we accept it as normal. Almost every country has these tax-supported schools which are supposed to benefit the public. But if we hear of tax-supported churches we are amazed and wonder what new absurdity this is. One would think that the government should not take tax money from the public and support a religion. We think this is wrong because it makes everyone support a belief that they do not necessarily hold. Indeed most people would see tax-supported churches as a serious infringement on other’s religion rights.

However, going back to tax-supported schools most everyone argues that we need public schools. But couldn’t one say that tax-supported schools and tax-supported churches are the same in principle? Schools are supposed to teach facts while churches teach religion. In spite of that, schools do indeed teach religion. For example, evolution is a religion not a fact. Why then should it be taught to school children. In public school, english, history, science and most every subject is taught according to a worldview, a belief, a religion. The government uses public schools to indoctrinate children to believe what they want the children to believe. When the government gets into subsidizing churches the same effect occurs. The government subverts morality and makes the churches preach their kind of doctrine, messages, or religion. They seek to indoctrinate the church members just like they do the school children. 

Because of the fact that both schools and churches teach personal beliefs it is equally wrong, immoral, and detrimental to our society to have the state subsidize churches or schools. According to the Constitution, the government should not be in the business of teaching morals or religion. That should be left to the parents and churches. Thus, the government needs to get out of the education system as well as out of our religious life. 

2 thoughts on “Indoctrination, The Government’s Education

  1. This essay is really good!! Seriously, one of the best that I have read yet. I love that you mentioned the theory of evolution being taught as a fact, rather than a theory; it grinds my gears so bad, and I was actually just talking about that with a member of my church last week. Well done. You tied together all of your points very nicely. 🙂

  2. Evolution is a theory, a theory is a scientific way in which we describe our surroundings, just because it is a theory does not make it religious, most of what is taught to children in science is a theory, either technically, or blatantly. Churches have a rival “theory” however it was not arrived at by using the scientific method, it was reached on an assumption that the Bible is true, and I subscribe to that worldview, however, it isn’t real science, it just fills a void in so that we can coop with science. Moreover, creationist scientists aren’t taken seriously because they often don’t have degrees from accredited colleges, their arguments are often scientifically invalid etc. So no government schools aren’t religious, they are clearly secular.

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