Western Civilization Class

Constitutional Disputes

One of the issues that led to the American War of Independence was the dispute between the colonists and the British government over the British Constitution. The colonists viewed the British Constitution as a compilation of the right to govern themselves concerning internal matters, traditional laws and principles, and the God given rights of all Englishmen. The British government,… Continue reading Constitutional Disputes

Western Civilization Class

The “Enlightened”

When we think of the Enlightenment there are a few main ideas associated with it. The Enlightened were know for their use of reason. They believed that we should not simply trust accepted beliefs or traditions, instead we should use our intellect to determine truths. Many of them had great confidence in human nature and in what humans could accomplish.… Continue reading The “Enlightened”

Business Class

The Trivial Many And The Vital Few

In Richard Koch’s book, The Breakthrough Principle of 16x, he wrote “Let go of the trivial many. Focus on the vital few.” I believe that these two principles of the book have influenced me most. Making room for innovation and then focusing on expanding what is important. According to Pareto’s Principle, 20% of what we do gives us 80%… Continue reading The Trivial Many And The Vital Few