Business Class

The Trivial Many And The Vital Few

In Richard Koch’s book, The Breakthrough Principle of 16x, he wrote “Let go of the trivial many. Focus on the vital few.” I believe that these two principles of the book have influenced me most. Making room for innovation and then focusing on expanding what is important.

According to Pareto’s Principle, 20% of what we do gives us 80% of the results. We realize then that 80% of the things we do only yield 20% of results. This 80% is the trivial many that should be cut down. When we get all this extra room from cutting out what is trivial, we have much more time, energy, money and resources to devote to important causes.

Once we have cleared the trivial many we need to focus. One can do a lot with their resources, but not everything is a wise allocation of one’s resources. We can do things that are good, or we can attempt to do things that are great. The key is to focus on identifying what we are best at and what needs to be done.

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