English Class: Western Literature

The KJV Bible And Shakespeare

When it comes to reading the King James Bible and Shakespeare I would say that the King James Bible is easier to read. The language of the KJV Bible is closer to our modern English compared to that of Shakespeare. Even the words that the KJV Bible uses are simpler and more straightforward. In Shakespeare, the words are more complicated and the language is not always easy to grasp. 

Between the KJV Bible narratives and Shakespearean stories I think that the KJV Bible’s narratives are plainer and can be easier to understand. Indeed, the spiritual meaning behind the narrative might not be easy to understand but the literal narrative itself can usually be understood. For example, the parable of the mustard seed talks about a small seed growing into a large plant. The literal meaning is easy to comprehend, but the spiritual meaning truly is not as simple. Shakespeare’s stories have much more complicated rhetoric and plots. For instance, in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar when Antony gave his speech at Caesar’s funeral he said that Brutus was an honorable man. Not only did Antony not believe this but he was in fact trying to turn the crowd against Brutus and the assassins.

I would not say that Shakespeare is difficult to read, but compared to the KJV Bible, I find it more complicated. The KJV Bible can have some parts that are hard to read, but overall I think that the narratives are usually easy to understand.

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