Economics Class

Supporting The American Economy

When discussing the topic of buying American goods vs. foreign goods I think the focus should be on the quality of the item. It is important to buy quality items, even if they are more expensive, because in the long run they will outlive the cheaper items. Those cheaper items will have to be replaced more frequently than good quality items and therefore buying those cheaper items could end up costing you more.

I want to buy American products to support the American economy, but I will not buy American products that are not good quality. Supporting American artisans, farmers, and craftsman instead of mega-stores like Wal-Mart is well worth the extra money. Because supporting the American economy is so important to me, I would not mind paying extra to buy good quality American products. If we want America to prosper we should try to support it when we can. Without support from the American people, America cannot be prosperous. It is not wise that we destroy the American economy to such an extent as to make it dependent on other countries for its goods and services. I want all countries to prosper and I am not against trade, however, it is dangerous for a country to be dependent on others for their basic necessities. 

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