Business Class

Business Trust

In business relationships, especially long-term, trust is essential. The relationships could be with customers, employees, bosses, partners or suppliers. In order to establish these relationships there has to be a foundation of trust, because without trust there will be no real relationships. One would hardly expect a boss to hire an employee if their is no mutual trust. Customers… Continue reading Business Trust

Western Civilization Class

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution began around 1760 and lasted until 1820 to 1840. Before the Industrial revolution people lived in an agrarian and handicraft economy. Most of the population lived in the countryside, rather than in the cities. Once the Industrial Revolution got under way, people who were not needed in farming (due to new farming equipment) moved to the cities… Continue reading The Industrial Revolution

English Class: Western Literature

Chaos vs. God’s Orderly Design

In his writings, Bernard Mandeville (1670-1733) brought forth an idea that greatly influenced society. It was the idea of spontaneous order and that society was not formed by design, but rather by human action. He maintained that people’s’ selfish actions were what shaped society instead of God. Mandeville proposed that whatever good or evil befell society, it was… Continue reading Chaos vs. God’s Orderly Design

Western Civilization Class

Mary Wollstonecraft And The Rights Of Women

In her writing A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft put forth several ideas. One principle she advocated, was for men and women to both enjoy their God given rights. She speaks of men who “considering females rather as women than human creatures, have been more anxious to make them alluring mistresses than affectionate wives and… Continue reading Mary Wollstonecraft And The Rights Of Women

Economics Class


A tariff on imports is basically a tax on goods that come into the country. In and of itself a tariff is detrimental to the economy. Tariffs subsidize some producers and tax the customer. Tariffs may also reduce exports. For example, due to the taxes on imports, the customers from country A may not buy the goods from country B… Continue reading Tariffs

Western Civilization Class

The Martyrs of Compiègne

During the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror there were many terrible atrocities committed by the French Republic. One such atrocity was the Martyrs of Compiègne. The martyrs, eleven Carmelite nuns, three lay sisters, and two servants/externs, were from the convent of Compiègne, France. Their convent had been shut down on September 14, 1792 and they were dispersed among… Continue reading The Martyrs of Compiègne