Business Class

Future Plans

If I had a profitable business there would come a point in time in which I would sell it in order to retire. Before I would sell my business I would have had to accumulate a sufficient supply of money. There would have to be money to cover my daily needs, money for emergencies, and a reserve cache of extra money. I am not sure at what point I would sell the business nor can I tell right now how much it would be making yearly. The decision to sell it would depend on how much money I have saved and how much I would need to live without working.

Once I would have enough money I would sell the business and go into retirement. What I want to do after I retire from business would be to live on a farm in the mountains. I want to raise sheep that I’ll take up in the mountains to graze. I want to ride horses and take care of them, and have a dog that I would train and raise to help around the farm. I’ll grow a garden and have an orchard, keep chickens and raise pigs. I want to produce most of what I need and live a simply, peaceful, and contented life.

This may seem like a bizarre dream, but if I had the means to do it I would. In our society money, wealth, and power is often sought out, but I would rather live a quiet traditional life in peace. This is what I would do after I would sell my business.

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