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Business Trust

In business relationships, especially long-term, trust is essential. The relationships could be with customers, employees, bosses, partners or suppliers. In order to establish these relationships there has to be a foundation of trust, because without trust there will be no real relationships. One would hardly expect a boss to hire an employee if their is no mutual trust. Customers need to trust that the business will supply it with the goods they want. Trust is particularly needed for partners in a business. If the partners have to guess about the other partner or if there is no connection between them, the business will not do as well.

Trust is very important and as Dale Carnegie said in his book, How To Win Friends & Influence People, if you are truly interested in the person, if you smile, if you remember the person’s name, if you are a good listener and encourage the person to talk about themselves, if you talk in terms of the person’s interests, and if you sincerely try to make the person feel significant you will give the other person reasons to trust you. However, if you do not do it sincerely, genuinely, and honestly you will only deceive the other person. Real trust can never be built upon deceit. So, if you want to earn someone else’s trust you must do so wholeheartedly and earnestly. It seems self evident to me, then, that trust is very important in a business relationship.

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