Business Class


If I could get an apprenticeship job, there would be a few points that it should meet.

It would be very important to have a mentor who would be knowledgable in the field. It is one of the most important points in an apprenticeship to have a mentor who excels at his trade. Not only would I want a knowledgeable mentor but also a good instructor. The mentor may know a lot, but if he doesn’t teach well I probably won’t learn as much. I would also wish to have a mentor who will be understanding and patient while I am learning. Although it may not be absolutely necessary to have an understanding mentor, it makes the apprenticeship much more productive.

Another thing I would look for in an apprenticeship is the ability to explore and learn more than just the basics. I would want to have the possibility and the encouragement to branch out into different areas of interest. I would want to come away with a good deal of knowledge about the trade.  I do not want to be used as free labor to do menial tasks that don’t let me advance and expand my knowledge.

Also, I would prefer the working conditions to be clean, safe, and neat, but most of all I want to learn about the trade and be knowledgable in it.

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