Western Civilization Class

Karl Marx’s Failed Predictions

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a proponent of socialism and communism, and believed that socialism was superior to capitalism. Marx said that socialism will produce more goods and services compared to capitalism and he gave several reasons. He said that socialism will run smoothly and won’t be interrupted by the business cycle. Looking back in history there has never been a country based on socialism that has run smoothly or efficiently. He also said that there won’t be wasted labor on supervising the workers since everyone will like what they are doing, and also, everyone including capitalists will work. In reality, no one wants to work and no one wants to work especially if there are no incentives. It is a great public misconception that capitalist do not work. Capitalists start businesses, hire workers, look out for business opportunities, invest, and more often than not, work longer hours than their employees. Marx thought that people will have a more meaningful life under communism since they would supposedly have more personal freedom and will be able to choose the different fields of work that they want to go into.

I do not think that the 100 million or more people who were killed in communist countries had a meaningful life. I do not think that standing in line for hours, often finding that when you get to the front that there is nothing left, is a meaningful life. I do not think that freezing in the winter because there is nothing to warm up your house is a meaningful life. I do not think that having your traditions and culture thrown away, with only an empty void left in its place, is a meaningful life. The communists wanted to usher in a new era, and in doing so they pushed the people so hard that many where left dying on the side of the road. The few that went on, went on with a broken heart. Karl Marx predicted that socialism was better than capitalism, but history has proved him abysmally wrong.

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