English Class: American Literature

A Rebuttal Of Thomas Paine By A Royalist

This is a rebuttal of Thomas Paine’s pamphlets from the pen of a loyal subject of king George III.

Mr Thomas Paine I have read your pamphlets and feel compelled to dispel the illogicality of your arguments. You say that we should rebel against the king and Parliament because we deserve our liberty and have been treated unjustly by the fore mentioned entities. However, the British government has not intended to reduce the people of these colonies to abject slavery. It only seems reasonable that we should contribute to the replenishing of the coffers of the government that so lately aided us in the war which we started. Sir, do you think it honorable to let others fight for you and not recompense them in some way for their troubles on your behalf? Sir, we have lived our life in peace and freedom under the British government and the small taxes they ask of us does in no way take away our freedom. It merely allows us to repay our debt to the king and Parliament In your pamphlets, Sir, you constantly use rhetorical arguments that are used to rouse the public to support the rebel cause. You write that victory is in the grasp of the rebels. Do not down play George Washington’s defeats and mistakes, and deceive your people into thinking that they can easily secede from the mighty British Empire. Paine, my friend, take heed that you do not find yourself under a worse government of your own making than under that of king George.

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