School Writings 2013-2014

English Class: Autobiographies

Three Stories in My Life

Events That Lead to Kordakov’s Failed Assignment

Kourdakov’s Contrasting Narrative

Sergei Kourdakov’s Autobiography

Up from Slavery

Up From Slavery

Booker T. Washington’s Vision For The Future

Mark Twain’s Disjointed Autobiography

Sorrows Of Slavery

John Thompson

The Morally Evil Slave System


Government Class

Family Government

Online Education and The Broken Window Fallacy

Government Plunder

A Lesson From Thomas Jefferson

The Free Market Leads to Flourishing Economy

Controls That Have Devastating Effects

Restitution, Or The Prison?

The True Giver Of Human Rights

The Erosion Of Personal Responsibility

True Freedoms

Decreasing Morality

Leave My Property Alone!

The Tale of The Slave

God Given Rights For Everyone


Public Goods

Improvements In The Standard Of Living

Child Labor

Labor Unions

Foreign Aid Programs

Let The Free Market Do Its Job

Income Inequality


Personal Finance Class

Controlling Small Expenses

Using Time Wisely

Andrew Carnegie, a Successful Entrepreneur

Moral Wealth

The Borrower Is Servant To The Lender -Prov 22:7-

Entrepreneurial High Schoolers

A Man With Morals


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