School Writings 2015-2016

English Class: Western Literature II

A Greater Change

No Place

Utopia: More’s Satire

Still Worthwhile

Montaigne’s Essays

Interest In Evil

What’s Done Is Done, It Cannot Be Undone

The Unchivalrous Knight

Biblical Sanctions

The KJV Bible And Shakespeare

Try Some Bacon

Satan’s Envy

Chaos vs. God’s Orderly Design

The Storms In Crusoe’s Life

The Coins Crusoe Saved


Western Civilization II

Desperate Straits

The Ninety-Five Theses

Solo Cristo

Man Cannot Limit God

The Dutch Revolt

The Fight For Religious Liberty

Life Under Cromwell

The Glorious Revolution

The Spanish Decline

The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes

Peter The Great

The “Enlightened”

Constitutional Disputes

The Martyrs of Compiègne

Mary Wollstonecraft And The Rights Of Women

The Industrial Revolution

The Congress Of Vienna

Classical Liberalism


Karl Marx’s Failed Predictions

Flaws In Karl Marx’s Views

The Second Industrial Revolution


Business I

An Appeal To The Customer

Technology, The Undoing Of Our Civilization

The Old Is Best

Time Will Not Come Back

Apprenticeship, The Beginning Of Business

Saving 10%

Think Before You Borrow

The Trivial Many And The Vital Few

Time Wasters

Future Plans

Spreader: Helping You Read Faster

Business Trust

Honesty, The Best Policy

Honest Appreciation


Fairness: It’s Not About Redistribution, It’s About Rewarding Merit



The Value Of Money

Don’t Touch My Garage Sales!

Time That Cannot be Regained

The Need Of Budgeting

Qualifications For A Business Person

Why You Should Hire Me

Indoctrination, The Government’s Education

First Come, First Served

Supporting The American Economy


Labor Unions And Price Inflation

My Retirement Speech

The Fallacy Of The Broken Window

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